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What is the purpose of the annual check-up?

The main objective of the annual check-up is to detect any changes in the reproductive organs that may imply the development of a disease, as well as prevent the risk of cancer.

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The annual review is also a time for you to consult with your gynecologist any questions or concerns you have about your health, sexual health, or pregnancy desire.

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Women are recommended to start annual check-ups when they start to have an active sexual life or earlier in the case of experiencing any genital or breast discomfort. The exams and tests that are performed vary depending on the age and medical history of the patient.

What is an annual review or Check-Up?

X-Ray Resultados

Detailed medical history

In order to prevent and cure it is essential to know you. Allergies, family history, operations, diet, sexual health, discomfort and much more.

Consulta con dermatólogo

Gynecological examination and ultrasound

Is used to know the current health of the woman's intimate area and gynaecological ultrasound allows visualisation of, for example, the uterus, ovaries and annexes.


Gynecological cytology

Also known as pap smear or papanicolaou test

It is not a painful test and it is very important for the early detection of cervical cancer, as well as other lesions.

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Breast scan and ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is a highly accurate diagnostic tool that can help our gynaecologists diagnose a range of breast health issues, including breast lumps, cysts, and abnormalities.

Breast ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive procedure that does not involve radiation exposure.

Most private insurances cover an annual check-up per year.
We work directly with MGC Mutua, AXA and FIATC.
If you do not have one of these insurances you can pay privately.

*If you have other insurance, you may have the option of reimbursement.
(depends on each patient's contract with their insurance)
If you have this option, the insurance gives you a reimbursement (Depending on the terms of your contract with them) of our invoice.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our prices.

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