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Profemina Team

The advantages you have for being a Profemina patient


A team of doctors

Our team is not made up of doctors who simply share facilities. 

There are certain limitations when the control of your health depends on a single doctor. For example: the limitation of the schedule, the doctor's vacations, the limitation of time to control results, the availability of performing short-term interventions, the possibility of getting a consultation for some short-term discomfort.

Our goal as your medical team is to offer you flexibility with professional and human advice.

Availability and flexibility

All patients have a doctor with whom they are a better match, but all doctors also have vacations, operations, deliveries and personal plans, so you have the rest of the team that will treat you with the same professionalism when your preferred doctor does not have the Availability to meet your needs.

If you have gone to an appointment with another doctor, it does not mean that you change doctors, our team shares the information of your clinical history and respects your preferences, so if on one occasion your preferred doctor has not been able to attend you and has attended you another teammate, your next appointment can be with your preferred doctor and he or she will have all the information from your last appointment.


Monday - Friday   9:00 - 17:00


Avenida del Comte de Sallent 23 bajos B
07003 Palma de Majorca

+34 871 201 656

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