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Founded by gynaecologist Dr. Paul Raas in 2005, Profemina is the materialisation of a life project that aims to create a space dedicated entirely to women's health.

Our aim is to accompany patients in the best possible way throughout the different phases of life, and to make both health and well-being a priority. This is why we offer a comprehensive and individualised medical treatment so that you not only feel at ease as a patient, but above all as a woman.

A team is stronger

Our team is not made up of doctors who simply share a facility.


There are certain limitations when the control of your health depends on a single doctor. Such as, for example, limited schedules, doctor's holidays, limited time to check results, availability for short-term interventions, the possibility of getting a consultation for short-term discomfort.

Our aim as your medical team is to offer you flexibility with professional and humane advice.

Thanks to the years of experience of the specialists and the communication between them to offer a comprehensive and personalised treatment, we have a team that respects and attends to the preferences of each patient and each doctor.

Our aim is that our patients feel the peace of mind of feeling supported by a team in which all the specialists meet their expectations and the quality standard of service that Profemina offers.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday   9:00 - 17:00


Avenida del Comte de Sallent 23 bajos B
07003 Palma de Majorca

+34 871 201 656

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