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Family planning

Do you want to get pregnant? What is a cycle control? How can I prepare for a pregnancy?

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I want to get pregnant

Getting pregnant is not equally easy for all women.

A control of the cycle, habits and state of health are very  important.

We have 2 Drs. who have specialized in fertility, both also work in fertility centers that offer more advanced options such as in vitro fertilization.

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What is a cycle control?

It is a follow-up of the patient's menstrual cycle, which serves to monitor and control the cycle to find out if it is going through its different phases normally and which are the most fertile days.

This control also allows the administration of some hormones to support different phases of the cycle.

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How can I prepare?


When it is the first pregnancy there are always many doubts:

When and how can I know if I am pregnant?

What should I take into account in the first weeks of pregnancy?

What can I do before to start the pregnancy correctly?

There are many concerns, solving your concerns and helping you prepare correctly will help you enjoy the pregnancy much more from the beginning.


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